About Me

I started playing the guitar at the age of 16. The group of teenagers I´ve been on a two week long vacation in Greece had a lot of guitarists among them. One of the favorite tunes that were beeing played each evening was " Stairway to Heaven" and I had to learn how to play that song to. And than the bug bit me. I started playing the guitar and decided in that same year to become a musician.

My parents were not to delighted about my choice of profession. But I still stuck to my dreams and started studying jazz guitar in Würzburg and Amsterdam. When I finished my studies in the Netherlands I moved to Hamburg and started to make a living as a musician. After ten years of living in Hamburg I felt kind of stuck with my playing and was hungry for new inspiration.

So in 2011 my boyfriend Derek Scherzer (he is a drummer) and I moved to Berlin - Moabit. There is so much music in this city that at times it is really hard to make a choice where to go to. Lots of musicians from all over the world and lots of possibilities for getting together and play. So i definivitely found the inspiration I´ve been looking for . And when I sit down with my guitar and stick to my daily practice routine I´m as happy as can be.


Tina Jäckel Trio with Giorgi Kiknadze (b.) and  Derek Scherzer (dr.)

Tina Jäckel Trio with Giorgi Kiknadze (b.) and Derek Scherzer (dr.)